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Bhagat Halwai
Bhagat Halwai

About Bhagat Halwai

The establishment of Bhagat Halwai isn't as old as the Taj Mahal, But close enough.

Started  by Lekh Raj Bhagat in the Belanganj area of the city over 260 years ago,the traditions of fine service have held true though much else has changed with time- mud plastered floors where people sat and ate giving way to restaurants, wooden spoons, and mud utensils being substituted with modern cutlery, Chinese and South Indian cuisine adding to the staple diet of poori-sabzi and cakes and pastries supplementing laddu's and barfis. 

You can almost imagine the days gone by when Raj Kumar Bhagat, the Ninth generation in the line of Halwai's, narrates how it all began.' We've been here since the Mughal era. No coal or fuel was used for cooking, only cow dung and wood were used as fuel. Our specialties were poori sabzi(puffed bread and potato curry), Bedai(stuffed puri) and sweets such as Rabri, Jalebi, and barfi. Over the years, the family has expanded its business and now runs multiple shops across the city.

A roof under which you can be served with the variety of cuisines according to your taste buds from sweets to cakes, bread to butter, desi chaat to fast food, traditional sweets to seasonal sweets and many more. we deal in wedding boxes nourished with authentic Indian sweets, wedding cakes, bakery, catering any many more.