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Bhagat Halwai
Bhagat Halwai

Our Testimonials

Maneesh Singh Sikarwar - Agra | 12/Feb/2017

100 Stars to sweets they prepare !!! ultimate

Shiksha Asthana - Agra | 14/March/2017

i love the rabri of bhagat halwai. and these stars are not so much for bhagat halwai

Vineeta Maheshwari - Agra | 24/March/2017

a "must" visit place whenever in Agra .....caters for all in the family !!!

Prashant Narayan - Agra | 26/March/2017

Good place for food

Neha Agarwal - Agra | 30/March/2017

awesum pav bhajii..!!

Anshu Rastogi - Agra | 03/April/2017

Excellent food quality. ...Awesome.

Happy Sharma - Agra | 10/April/2017

Agra best....☺

Biren Madheshiya - Agra | 21/April/2017

the famous gullab jaamun

Bijrndra Singh - Agra | 12/May/2017

Very good behaviour in business & excellent variety in shop

Rajat Chahar - Agra | 10/June/2017


Shivam Khandelwal - Agra | 14/Jul/2015

The world famous sweets now comes to everyone.. Your life may become also sweet just like the sweets of Bhagat halwai

Nitin - delhi | 22/June/2017

Awesome is the one word if I have to summarize my 2 days stay experience because the rooms are very spacious with affordable price,

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