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DIY Ghevar Kits
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Ingredients :
1. 4 pieces of Ghevar
2. 1 sugar mix

Steps :
1. Take 40ML water & add the sugar mix. Mix it well until comes to a boil then turn of the heat.

2. Take the Ghevar & dip in the sugar syrup for a minute. Make sure it sinks completely & take it out.

3. Place the Ghevar on a grill & let it settle for a minute. As soon as it looses the excess syrup, garnish as per taste

& Voila!



Pure Authentic Preparations

We started with a promise to deliver the best of quality with a twist of modernity in our food items but definitely not compromising on our traditional taste!

Freshness Guaranteed

  • Limited Quantity Procurement: Every ingredient is carefully selected in small quantities to maintain utmost freshness.
  • Handmade with Love: Our products are crafted with care and attention, ensuring a personal touch in every batch.
  • Non-Factory Made: We steer clear of mass production, prioritizing quality over quantity for an authentic experience.
  • Authentic Taste: Our commitment to freshness means that each bite delivers the genuine, unadulterated flavors you crave.
  • Fresh Preparation: Your order is prepared freshly upon request, guaranteeing a taste that's as vibrant as it is delicious.
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Rs. 1,099.00

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