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A dry Indian snack that looks like a flaky biscuit and tastes of pastry with flavours of various seeds or spices in it often.

Mathris look uneven on the surface and will also have some spices or seeds visible on the top layer. Crispy ACHARI MATHRI is filled with a tangy achari masala and makes a great accompaniment to chai.


White Flour, Rosted Chana, Pickel, Yellow Chilli, Garam Masala, Refined Oil, Salt, Banspati Ghee,


Pure Authentic Preparations

We started with a promise to deliver the best of quality with a twist of modernity in our food items but definitely not compromising on our traditional taste!

Freshness Guaranteed

  • Limited Quantity Procurement: Every ingredient is carefully selected in small quantities to maintain utmost freshness.
  • Handmade with Love: Our products are crafted with care and attention, ensuring a personal touch in every batch.
  • Non-Factory Made: We steer clear of mass production, prioritizing quality over quantity for an authentic experience.
  • Authentic Taste: Our commitment to freshness means that each bite delivers the genuine, unadulterated flavors you crave.
  • Fresh Preparation: Your order is prepared freshly upon request, guaranteeing a taste that's as vibrant as it is delicious.
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Rs. 612.00 Rs. 740.00

Customer Reviews

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Sunny K
Liars! They don’t honour their own promotions

I went to the local shop in Agra near Nehru Nagar and showed them their online promotion for buy one get one free item.
The store owner quickly called his online person and told him to take down the promotion and did not honour it.
He told me this is an online only promotion and you should have bought it online.
I told him I had come to the store only for this reason and now if I go online to buy it, the promotion has been removed.
They are false advertising to get customers through their door and then not honouring their own advertising!